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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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While vinyl rules, most of the music we play is sitting on a disk loaded with zeros and ones.  Getting that digital information to our amps, and ultimately to our speakers, requires that the digital information gets converted to an analog signal.  All CD players, music servers, DVD players and every computer based music storage device uses a DAC (digital to analog converter).  The quality and performance of the DAC has everything to do with how good the audio program sounds to you.  By adding an outboard DAC, you can take the digital signal from your players, and gain major improvements in the audio performance of your system without having to invest in a complete new CD or DVD player.

We have several examples of the art available to you in this catalog that are sure to raise your enjoyment of digitally recorded music to new heights.

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Digital To Analog Converters (DACs):

Music Hall dac 25.2 - Just $595

An increasing number of music lovers are buying storing and listening to music through their computer, media server, or personal music player (iPod). Many are also digitally distributing their music using a Sonos, Squeezebox, or one of a host of digital music distribution systems available on the market. This is a great way to explore and appreciate music but generally it’s done at the expense of sound quality. Until now music lovers have been forced to rely on the inferior digital to analog converters (DACs) and sounds cards contained in those devices. As a result, their musical enjoyment has dramatically suffered. The dac 25.2 was designed to directly address this problem and to significantly improve the sound quality of the music played on these systems.  
By uniting a state of the art digital to analog converter with a tube output we produce the clarity and precision of a 24bit DAC with the warm rich open sound people love of tubes. The dac 25.2 has 4 digital inputs which can accept any coax (s/pdif), optical, XLR (AES/EBU), or USB digital input from an iPod transport, computer, media server, Sonos, squeezebox, CD/DVD in stereo transport, or music hall’s own cd 25.2 compact disc player, and it will output two channel stereo analog.


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Cary Audio Design Xciter DAC - Just $1500


Today people listen to music from a variety of sources that didn’t exist just a few years ago. The Xciter DAC was designed with this in mind using cutting edge technology and high quality components. Whether you listen to music from a CD player, computer, or audio/video server, the Xciter DAC has you covered. It's a compact desktop 192 kHz/32 Bit DAC featuring the new AKM4399 32-Bit DAC along with the new National Semiconductor metal can LME49713NA and LME49710NA output devices. These National Semi devices were specifically designed for Cary Audio Design. The Xciter DAC features a computer USB input along with optical input and two coaxial inputs. The inputs are selectable from the front panel. Front panel LED's will indicate the incoming sample rate up to 192 kHz.



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Electrocompaniet ECD1A DAC - Just $2490


The ECD1 is a 24Bit 192KHz upsampler DAC accepting 16 - 24Bit input and upsample it to 24Bit resolution.  This will give approximately 10dB more headroom by lowering the noise floor, with more details reproduced. The D/A converter is a sophisticated balanced 192KHz unit. Due to the higher sampling frequency and the cancellation of digital noise in the balanced system, the bandwidth is moved 2 octave up in frequency, compared to standard CD system using 44.1KHz sampling frequency, and therefore a 6dB roll off can be used.  All analogue circuitry is fully balanced and symmetrical.  With four input's and connection for AES/EBU ( balanced ), RCA and TOSLINK, all standard formats are covered.  Two digital output for connection to multichannel receiver's etc. TOSLINK (Optical) and RCA.  Analogue output's - Balanced and single ended.  The digital and analogue circuitry used in the ECD1 is the same as our EMC1 UP CD player.  The ECD1 will improve the sound from any CD player, bringing it to a High-End source.

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CD Players:

Cary Audio Design CD 303T SACD/CD Player - Just $6500

The CD 303T SACD is a vacuum tube/solid state selectable SACD player. Plays Redbook CDs and upsamples at 44.1, 96, 192, 384, 512, and 768kHz. Internal clocking of 22.5792 MHz in SACD processing mode. In vacuum tube mode, the analog output section utilizes four 12AU7 vacuum tubes as the audio gain stage as well as the output buffer. Can be used as a standalone DAC with switchable inputs for USB (24 bit 192 kHz), RCA, and Toslink. Eight (8) PCM1792u DAC chips running in parallel pairs. The output vacuum tubes have a removable panel above them for tube exchange or ‘tube rolling’ without opening the chassis.



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Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP Reference CD Player - Just $7290

The EMC 1UP features a unique cancellation system which cancels acoustic / mechanical vibrations, preventing the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted and sonically degrading signals.  It features EC's latest, fully balanced symmetrical state-of-the-art circuit design powered by a FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply.  The basic design philosophy of the EMC 1UP CD transport is inspired by crucial knowledge ported from the analog turntable. Principally, there is no difference between a record player and a CD player. Both playback systems consist of: a motor, a pick-up and a tone arm. Phenomena such as tone arm resonance found in analog turntables – are just as problematic in typical CD players.

To reduce or remove these phenomena plus other unwanted resonance, Electrocompaniet has developed a proprietary mechanical filter. The mechanical filter has been frequency adjusted by numerous listening tests by our listening panel. The mechanical filter removes internal and external vibration components from entering the laser pick-up assembly, resulting in a superior reproduction with tighter bass, bigger sound stage, precision, high resolution and amazing details.

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Electrocompaniet EMP-1/S Stereo SACD Player - Just $8250

The performance of the EMP-1/S is exceptional. Its new design achieves excellent playability & disc acceptance.
The EMP-1 can even playback most copy protection systems.
The mechanism is very smooth and discrete and the disc access time has been reduced.
The user interface can be fully controlled from the remote control handset or the front panel keypad.



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Electrocompaniet ECC-1 CD Player - Just $3650

Modern production technology has been utilized to keep the manufacturing cost at a minimum and give a performance that will rival the best.

The latest 24bit/192kHz DAC from Cirrus Logic, together with a precision fully balanced analogue output stage operating in class A, sets the basis for a detailed, delicate and dynamic sound.  A damping platform based on the EMC1 UP anti-vibration system has been developed to create the best possible working conditions for the laser pick-up.  The ECC 1 features both balanced and single-ended outputs, and a coaxial digital output.  The analogue output filter is optimized to reduce the phase shift at higher frequencies, thereby leaving the high frequency music information intact.

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Electrocompaniet Prelude PC-1 CD Player - Just $2499

The PC-1 is Electrocompaniet new entry-level CD-player. Modern production technology has been utilized to keep the manufacturing cost at a minimum and give a performance that will rival the best. The latest 24bit/192kHz DAC from Cirrus Logic, together with a precision fully balanced analogue output stage operating in class A, sets the basis for a detailed, delicate and dynamic sound.

The modern optical module, mounted on a new mechanical anti vibration system, results in a superb disc readability and quiet operation, as well as excellent resistance to external vibrations that can negatively affect the sound quality.  The clear and bright VFD-display makes it easy to control the PC-1 in the listening position using the remote control. The PC-1 has both balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) outputs.

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Creek  Destiny CD Player - Just $2495

The Front On View of The Destiny CD Player

The Destiny CD Player has, over the last 3 years production, established itself as a benchmark in quality standards for CD reproduction. Creek Audio wished to express its desire to produce a truly high-end product range and created Destiny to achieve that aim. One look at its custom-extruded casework will confirm that it is truly a luxury product. Touching its smooth polished lines will also provide a reassuring sense quality and pride of ownership. The brushed 10mm thick aluminum front panel is available in either silver or black finish.



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Creek  Evolution 2 CD Player - Just $1095

The Front On View of The Destiny CD Player

The EVOLUTION 2 CD Player, which went into full production at the beginning of 2009, is the latest incarnation of Creek Audio’s successful entry level EVOLUTION CD Player.  The EVOLUTION 2 builds upon the strengths of the original by replacing older technology parts and retaining the best bits, to enhance its overall performance. It is designed to cosmetically match the EVOLUTION 2 Integrated Amplifier, although it will work perfectly with any make hi-fi amplifier.



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