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Harman Kardon DPR 2005 AV Receiver



Harman Kardon DPR 2005 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Digital Path Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Harman Kardon's DPR 2005 7.1-channel audio/video receiver is a must for videophiles and audiophiles alike, offering 7 channels of high-power amplification, full compatibility with the latest surround-sound formats, and 192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog audio chips. It's also Harman's first AV receiver to feature built-in progressive-scan digital video processing. The DPR 2005's newly designed digital-amplifier section--featuring a fully digital signal path from input to output--delivers high-power output with strong low-impedance drive abilities, empowering the receiver to drive even difficult speaker loads to ample volume levels.

The 120-watts-per-channel DPR 2005 features HDCD processing and Harman Kardon's exclusive switchable front-panel audio, video, and digital-audio connections (inputs switchable as outputs and vice-versa). The DPR 2005 also offers complete Quadruple Crossover digital bass management for all inputs--critical for balancing the inputs from different surround formats--including the 6/8-channel "direct" analog inputs to accommodate playback of high-resolution digital-audio formats such as DVD-Audio and SACD. The receiver's bass management seamlessly integrates these formats with any speaker system, regardless of the capabilities of the playback device.

Digital signals from sources like DVD players, HDTV set-top boxes, and CD players are routed directly to the receiver's DSP section and then to the digital-amplifier section, while remaining completely in the digital domain from input to the final amplifier output stage. This topology maintains maximum digital signal purity by eliminating multiple stages of A/D and D/A conversion, and the resulting distortion and noise that can occur in conventional amplifier designs. The DPR 2005 also includes a host of important features such as A/V Sync Delay for synchronizing the audio and video signals in systems using digital video displays, external video processors, or with digital sources such as PVRs, satellite, or digital cable; RS-232 connectivity for bidirectional remote control and firmware upgradeability; Harman Kardon's exclusive EzSet remote with 2-line LCD display; Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone surround processing; and even MP3 playback (through a digital-audio connection with your MP3-CD-compatible source component).



Price is just $295 (new it sold for $1,800).


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