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JM Labs Chorus 725 Loudspeakers


These speakers can be used as a stereo pair or partnered with the JM Lab surround and center channel speakers that we also have available.  They're in perfect condition and play big with dramatic highs and very good bass.  No boxes - pick up only.


The CHORUS 725:.

The 725 is equipped with four speakers. The CHORUS 725 is a true 3-way system (each speaker being adapted to each frequency sector – low, mid and high frequencies).. This speaker handles 150 watts.

The Focal brand speakers are the result of wide-ranging acoustic studies. Thanks to this, the CHORUS range proposes two concepts dear to Jacques Mahul: the concave dome tweeter in titanium associated with its phasing piece (which allows a crystal clear reproduction and a more coherent spatial dispersion), as well as the utilization of speakers with "polyglass" membranes (mixture of micro-spheres and resin).

The woodwork is realized by the rulebook. Thick layers of Medium/High density (MDF), are disposed in strategic places, in such a way that the structure benefits from maximum rigidity. Numerous reinforcement points have also been placed within the structure in order to avoid annoying vibrations due to acoustic "pounding" (resonance) susceptible to bring about sound coloring which is damaging to a good reproduction.

Our units are in black ash.


New they were $1200.  These consignment units are just: $599


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