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Nakamichi CR-1A Cassette Recorder


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Another Revolution In 2 Head Cassette Sound From Nakamichi.


Like the CR-2, the CR-1 features the Nakamichi 2 head reproduction system. Also like the CR-2, it delivers sound and performance you'd expect from a high quality 3 head machine. The heads themselves, the transport and electronics have all been specifically designed to deliver the peak of perfection in 2 head reproduction. Your own ears will immediately tell you that the CR-1 succeeds in being one of the most 3 head sounding 2 head decks in existence. If you've always wanted to experience the renowned Nakamichi sound but haven't yet taken the plunge, the CR-1 may be the easiest way to get started.  See more information at this website:


Price is just $125 (new it was $450).

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