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Paradigm 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System



Our Paradigm system is all black, in good condition and it is an excellent bargain.  Three Atom speakers for the LCR (one is shielded for the center channel) front speakers, a pair of ADP-150s for the rear and a SB-120 subwoofer.  If you're looking for a good, inexpensive 5.1 speaker system, look no farther - here it is!

The SB-120 is a passive subwoofer with a built-in passive crossover.  The left and right Atom speakers should be connected to the outputs on the sub while the sub is connected directly to the left and right amplifier outputs of your amp.



Atom LCR speakers (3 of them)






 ADP-150 Dipole surround speakers (2 of them)





SB-120 passive subwoofer





Price is just $195 (new it was $1,090).


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