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Home Theater

We enjoy movies and TV almost as much as we do listening to music.  The speaker configuration is different for home theater than it is for stereo (of course), but, like with music, the quality of the sound has much to do with our enjoyment of the movie or TV experience.  Again, as with music reproduction, the quality and compatibility of the various components in the audio system determine just how good the soundtrack will sound.

A lot of us here in the Tampa Bay Area have complex rooms for our home theater systems or smallish rooms in our condos or apartments.  One size does not fit all and the configuration of your speakers, the size and type of your speakers and the AV receiver or AV components you use should depend, not just on your budget, but on the room and your particular preferences as well.  We promise to recommend to you only those products and systems that meet your budget, your room and your personal preferences.  We'll work hard to get it right for you.

You might also be interested in the latest home theater sound technology.  Dolby Atmos is the latest and the greatest sound yet in home theater audio reproduction.  An Atmos system, properly configured and installed takes your home home theater experience to the highest level ever.  You are not just surrounded by sound, you are inside a 3-dimentional sound field that transports you to the event on the screen more fully than anything before possible in a home.  Learn more about Dolby Atmos technology and products by clicking the link below:




Here are some of our Atmos enabled and/or ready products:




Image result for marantz logo


Micro Junction Box Mount




We offer many other products for both Atmos home theater systems and the still excellent 5.1 or 7.1 home theater systems.  In addition to all of the above noted brands, here are a number of others that are among the best you can buy:


















































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